Workshop Management

Workshop Repair Management Software

The management of repair workshop and calibration laboratories is facing increasing challenges and pressures – both internal and external. The need for precision is paramount and does not always easily sit with the constant drive for increased efficiency , the reduction of costs and the saving of time.

The Workshop Management functionality within Workshop Beaver enables you to drive efficiencies and automate the repair and calibration processes without compromising the need for precision and accuracy. Workshop Management sits at the centre of Workshop Beaver and integrates seamlessly with the other Workshop Beaver modules to provide a comprehensive and flexible solution for repair and calibration workshop management.

Workshop Beaver automatically and intelligently routes jobs through the shopfloor, optimizing their throughput in conjunction with management knowledge and input. Workshop Beaver takes into account factors for each individual job, such as the availability of appropriate skilled engineering labour resource, machine and equipment availability, correct stock levels for required parts, specific contract SLA’s, the time-critical nature of the job, and other various factors which influence how a job is routed, such as unplanned machine unavailability, engineer absence and sickness.

Workshop Beaver provides a full audit trail of all activity from pre-notification of receipt of goods for repair through to despatch. Quality control measures ensure that all data entered is validated, with serial traceability at batch or individual item level. All incoming job – related paperwork is scanned into Workshop Beaver, accompanies the job on the system and is available to all users throughout its routing, obviating the need for jobs to be burdened with an appendage of documentation during their workshop journey.

All appropriate postings to customer, contract, project, sales order, financial and stock records that are associated with the part number are automatically generated and available for online analysis and enquiry. The reporting and web enabled enquiry facilities enable customers to directly track their items in for repair, providing them with a real time view of progress, and complete visibility of their jobs, strengthening the relationship with the customer.

Not all repair jobs come with the luxury of pre-notification of their arrival, and Workshop Beaver is well suited to cope with the ‘expect the unexpected’ nature of some repair jobs – the emergency and urgent situations that do occur. Despite the short notice , the parts arrival, its route through the workshop, its stock and bill of materials requirements and all other supporting processes will all be provided automatically by Workshop Beaver with associated priority levels to ensure that the job is completed in an expeditious manner.

Having the right stock levels of all parts components is absolutely vital to the smooth running of the repair operations, and is ensured by the rich functionality of the Stock Management module of Beaver, which is covered in its own section on this website please click here to go to Stock Management.

Workshop Beaver supports sales and repair orders from regular and non- account customers, has an automatic sub contract facility and full documentation production functionality for those items requiring calibration certificates or any other associated paperwork.

The functionality supported by the Workshop Repair Management Software module includes:

  • Automatic routing of jobs and parts through the workshop
  • Calibration – including rig tracking, calibration certificates and labels, contract management including quotation, order and renewal, automatic sub-contracting option, customisable results sheets for multiple product types and calibrations with full data verification and pass/fail analysis history, automatic call in facility just before the parts next due calibration date.
  • Field Service management – remote access to Workshop Beaver functionality for field service and maintenance engineers working at customer premises.
  • Web enabled access – Workshop Beaver is fully web accessible for enquiry and update from engineers, customers, subcontrators and all users who require access via the internet . Multiple devices are supported – computer, tablet, or smart phone.
  • Subcontracting – including back to back subcontracting, the ability to automatically route items in for re-calibration to a preferred subcontractor, automatic raising of purchase orders, and the ability for the subcontractor to update Workshop Beaver with subcontract job progress updates via Workshop Beaver’s web access.
  • Non-Account customers – Workshop Beaver has the ability to create non-account customers online at time of order entry or booking in of jobs so that one-off jobs are not lost, and includes cash payment functionality.
  • Exchange system – rather than repair a broken unit, Workshop Beaver enables the supply of a replacement unit from stock to be shipped to the customer instead. This can be done upon receipt of the faulty part or by an in- advance exchange, where the customer is sent a replacement unit before they send in the original item for repair.
  • Multi-site and multi-workshop – Workshop Beaver will work across many sites within an organisation and has multiple workshops available within each site.
  • Optimised to ensure efficiency – unlike most other Workshop Repair Management Software solutions, Workshop Beaver is totally focused on the bottom line.
  • Warranty tracking and control – all items still under warranty are identified on Workshop Beaver and managed as such until the warranty expiry date is reached.
  • Full audit trail, history and traceability – provided as standard within Workshop Beaver for all parts within the system and available for online enquiry or hard copy audit trail.
  • ISO9000 – Workshop Beaver enables you to store your Quality system records and documentation to help you gain ISO 9000 compliance.
  • Documentation Management – Workshop Beaver stores scanned copies of all incoming letters and paperwork, all internal documentation and provides you with the ability to generate your own paperwork for jobs and customers, such as quotations, calibration certificates, invoice and despatch documentation, debt recovery letters.
  • Job costing and scheduling – All parts and elements used on jobs in Workshop Beaver are costed at item level and records kept to enable accurate and timely job costing throughout the system.