Repair Calibration Software for Test & Measurement Sector

Repair/Calibration Software for Test & Measurement Sector

Test and measurement companies face ongoing pressures to ensure that the equipment they produce, test, support and maintain across a variety of industries is able to manage ever higher performance levels brought about by factors such as increasing user demand and the pace of technological change.

Product and equipment testing and measurement is a demanding process, in terms of the resources it consumes, the need for quality and precision, the constant demand for increased levels of unit performance and specification, and tighter service level agreements. The number of test and measurement environments is vast and as diverse in its nature as the sizes of equipment used in it – a heart valve or stent may require many rounds of testing by a small machine, whereas something like a bridge cable requires enormous testing equipment.

Whichever industries test and measurement companies support, they all need systems to manage the repair and re-calibration of test equipment to exacting standards of quality and precision. Workshop Beaver provides the solid system and process foundation for a number of our customers in the electrical and electronic test and measurement line of business, helping them to reach their desired standards of operation.

Workshop Beaver’s multi workshop facility is ideal for setting up specific locations for clean air rooms or laboratories, each with their own specific sets of standards and processes. All items of equipment routed through the workshop are serially traced through all processes, with full supporting services provided, such as tolerance specifications, production of calibration labels and test reports/certificates, monitoring of SLAs and other performance related data.

With all key performance indicator (KPI) data available to management for analysis via the Management Information dashboard, any items or jobs requiring attention can be proactively monitored to ensure they stay on track and within budget, specification and SLA.

In the rapidly changing world of test and measurement and quality control, the inherent flexibility within Workshop Beaver enables test and measurement and calibration companies to keep pace with the latest technology developments and their impact on areas such as quality control, product inspection, test, measurement and compliance testing. The quality and range of functionality across the modules of Workshop Beaver combined with its dexterity of operation helps to ensure that it keeps our test and measurement customers competitive in a tough marketplace.