Aerospace and Defence

Repair & Calibration Software for Aerospace

Workshop Beaver is in use at customers in both civil and military aviation sectors, where the potential costs of a part’s failure and its consequences are enormous, in terms of both financial costs and the potential possible loss of human life.

In early 2013 the entire Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet of aircraft used by eight airlines across the world was grounded due to a series of fires in the lithium-ion batteries used within the aircraft’s electrical power conversion system. This was the first time in 34 years that an entire fleet of aircraft had been grounded. The financial ramifications of this alone, were huge, certainly in terms of cost to rectify, lost income, falling share prices, and, not just for Boeing. Overall the grounding of the Dreamliner fleet cost Boeing an estimated $600 million, halted deliveries of the aircraft and forced some airlines to lease alternative planes.

The point being of course, that if you are involved as a company in the supply or repair of any items for customers in the aviation sector, be they civil or military, you need systems that you can completely rely on to ensure that all your supplied parts are of the right quality and specification, and will the do the job required of them. Every part and their journey through the process that leads to their end use matters and must be recorded, and it is that attention to detail that is one of Workshop Beaver’s main strengths.

The functionality within Workshop Beaver provides the level of specific support to meet key requirements in the aerospace and defence sector, where quality criteria are stringent. Functionality such as the serial tracking of individual components used within larger assemblies, and traceability down to serial number level ensures that these requirements are met. Workshop Beaver helps companies to ensure that the products they manufacture comply with Defence Quality Assurance Boards standards, and other required industry and international standards. Workshop Beaver also manages the workshop activities where through life maintenance, repair and overhaul services are provided for defence equipment ranging from optronics through to aircraft components and military vehicles.

The use of the thirteen character Nato Stock Number (NSN) code as standard is one of the market specific introductions to the system, and can be used throughout Workshop Beaver, either in-workshop or remotely by engineers out in the field with an issue to deal with. Introductions of functionality such as the NSN are indicative of our commitment to provide a proven, reliable and quality system for our customers. Workshop Beaver is, as they say, ‘combat proven’ and is both robust and nimble enough to manage the exacting and precise requirements of a demanding market.