Repair & Calibration Software for Engineering

The nature of engineering has changed greatly over the last twenty years, with many factors influencing this change, such as the globalisation of industry, the pervasive use of Information Technology in engineering products and processes, and the increased pace of change and demand

There has been a move away from ‘traditional’ heavy engineering to a much wider spread number of smaller engineering companies supporting the manufacturing and services sectors, who are increasingly using new engineering technologies in their operation.

Despite the change in face of engineering as a sector, the fundamental need still remains for the equipment they produce, maintain and use to be reliable and maintainable. Other demands for safety, environmental and ecological concerns, cost and increased functionality, place more pressure on the engineering function to get it right. Whichever type of engineering company bracket you fall into, getting it right means satisfying all these demands and paying attention to detail, to ensure that equipment is reliable, well maintained and calibrated to specification. The need for attention to detail has not gone away because the nature of the engineering industry has changed – after all, even a lump hammer has to be properly calibrated to work effectively.

Workshop Beaver is the ideal system for use with any engineering company involved in the repair and calibration of equipment. There are many different fields of engineering that fall under the umbrella term of engineering, but be they in heavy, or precision, mechanical or electrical, they are united by the fact that their discipline demands accuracy, precision and attention to detail.

Designed by engineers for use by engineering companies, Workshop Beaver provides the backbone for all repair workshop activities and manages all the processes involved in the maintenance, repair and calibration of engineering equipment. Full audit trail and transaction history down to individual item serial number is recorded for all parts involved in the workshop process, and their journey into, through and out of the workshop.

Our engineering customers operate across a range of industry sectors supporting, repairing and maintaining products from printers to helicopters. The integrated functionality of Workshop Beaver’s Workshop, Calibration and Asset Management, Stock, Purchase Order Management and Sales Invoicing software, across the core calibration and repair functions within our engineering customers helps them to ensure that the repair and calibration services they provide are accurate and reliable to the same high levels of performance as the products themselves.