Asset Management

Asset Management Software

The efficient management of all assets within the repair workshop area is a key supporting element in the repair process. All equipment or assets used in the workshop or laboratory environment need to be well maintained, have their usage monitored, and be ready for workshop use when required.

Improvements in asset utilisation can lead to improvements in overall process and improved margins in the workshop operations, illustrating the importance of asset management and the accurate tracking and recording of all asset related transactions.

Workshop Beaver’s Asset Management module manages asset tracking for the length of an asset’s life cycle from purchase to disposal. All asset information is held on the system to enable a full range of asset management functionality, including the effective planning of asset utilisation, the scheduling of planned or routine maintenance, the recording, costing and tracking of all asset use and transactions, with a number of depreciation methods available for use.

Full integration with the Workshop Management module ensures that asset utilisation is costed and recorded against specific jobs with asset information and all asset related data available for enquiry and reporting purposes.

The system holds large amounts of descriptive narrative against each asset, and the analysis and classification categories available enable the user to group assets in a number of ways for analytical and reporting purposes. Workshop Beaver’s document management capabilities mean that any asset related documentation, required for either internal or external use, can be produced.

The functionality supported by the Asset Management module includes:

  • Automatic routing of jobs and parts through the workshop
  • Full tracking and traceability of asset transactions and history throughout the life time of the asset, across multiple locations.
  • Full history of all asset utilisation and maintenance spend on assets.
  • Choice of depreciation method used per asset, automatic calculation of asset net book value.
  • Integration with Workshop Beaver accounting modules or other accounting software to give accurate financial values for posting against jobs, contracts and ledgers.
  • Multiple descriptive and narrative fields available per asset for holding of lengthy product related notes and specifications.
  • Comprehensive and flexible asset analysis provided by the product grouping and classification options. Holding of additional fields per asset – e.g. manufacturer’s part number, asset serial number.
  • Recording of all asset utilisation on jobs to give accurate costed usage for job costing and monitoring of asset usage.
  • Full asset documentation and report production capability.
  • Full history, audit trail and serial traceability of all assets available for reporting and enquiry purposes, accessible online via computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • All asset related data is available for analysis and viewing via the Management Information dashboard.