Calibration Management

Asset Calibration Management Software

The need for accuracy of measurement in the working of vital pieces of equipment and instruments across many industries relies upon the proper calibration of those pieces of equipment. Proper calibration ensures that equipment runs as it should within validated performance limits to accurately report results. Workshop Beaver automates and manages the calibration process for customers’ items in for re-calibration and also for internal equipment and instrumentation calibration programmes.

The system holds multiple product calibration schedules and upon receipt the item is automatically routed to the calibration workshop for a designated engineer to work on. Test results can be entered in real time or post operation, and Workshop Beaver also has the ability to accept data directly from ATE equipment. The data is verified before a pass/fail result is determined, with all results history and data kept for reporting and analysis. User definable results sheets are held on the system and can be printed by an engineer when required. Workshop Beaver also enables engineers to hold records on the exact rigs used on a calibration, with only those rigs with a valid calibration certificate being available for use.

Customer Calibration contracts are managed by Workshop Beaver to enable long term multi-product calibrations to be performed and recorded, with quotation and renewal options, as well as the ability to automatically call-in products before their next calibration date. The system also caters for open order calibration items, and will automatically generate an invoice at the end of the calibration process for all items. Full service level agreement (SLA) data for customer contracts are maintained and monitored, with warnings issued to management if SLAs look like they may be missed. This is a crucial aspect of any asset calibration management software package as failure to meet SLAs often results in a lost contract.

Calibration of your own equipment is managed by Workshop Beaver, ensuring that instrumentation is always correctly calibrated, and workshop flow and production is not hindered by machine downtime and unavailability. User definable calibration labels and certificates are produced from the system together with automatically generated call-in notices for items requiring calibration.

Workshop Beaver allows engineers to sub-contract items to other calibration companies, with a preferred supplier option, and also has a back to back sub-contracting facility, enabling items to be routed directly to the preferred sub-contractor.

The functionality provided by the Calibration Management Software module includes:

  • Automatic routing of jobs and parts through the workshop
  • Customer contract management of items requiring calibration, including quotation, order, renewal and full SLA functionality.
  • Customisable calibration results sheets for multiple product types and calibrations with full data verification and pass/fail analysis history.
  • Automatic subcontracting option – including back to back subcontracting, the ability to automatically route items in for re-calibration to a preferred subcontractor, and the automatic raising of purchase orders.
  • Production and storage of user-definable calibration certificates and labels with much space available for technical and other notes, and bar-codes supported.
  • A rig-tracking facility enables recording of rig details used on a calibration, with full traceability of calibration jobs rigs have been used on.
  • Internal equipment calibration management.
  • Unlike most other Asset Calibration Management Software solutions, equal prominence is giving to ensuring that all work undertaken is optimised to maximise profit.
  • Documentation management – generation and storage of all documentation associated with the calibration process – calibration certificates, and labels, customer contact correspondence, results sheets, call-in notification, invoices, product information and data sheets, all of which can be automatically e-mailed to customers or subcontractors.
  • Full history, audit trail and serial traceability of all items in for calibration available for reporting and enquiry purposes, accessible online via computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Online access for customers to customer related calibration job documentation.
  • All calibration related data is available for analysis and viewing via the Management Information dashboard, and for reporting purposes.