Management Information Dashboard

Management Information Dashboard Software

The business intelligence to be gained from the wealth of data held on Workshop Beaver is vital to the smooth running and optimised performance of the workshop repair function and the business as a whole.

Dashboard KPIs

Workshop Beaver’s Management Information dashboard enables key performance indicators to be monitored in real time to ensure that departmental and corporate goals are on track.

The dashboard enables management to monitor performance in key areas at a glance, to pick up trends, and take corrective action if needed. Information is displayed in a simple and clear fashion, is easy to understand and visually easy to process through the dashboard’s use of charts, fuel gauges, speedometers, graphs and tables. Informed decisions can be made quickly from the meaningful data provided by the dashboard.

The dashboard is accessible via the web and users can access the dashboard from a tablet or smartphone if they are away from the office.

In addition to the dashboard facility Workshop Beaver contains many standard report and enquiry mechanisms and its report writer gives the user the ability to produce customised reports and screen enquiries on any required data held on the system. The data is also easily accessible and exportable to BI and analytical software.

With the appropriate permissions, full accessibility to Workshop Beaver is provided to customers, so that they can log-in remotely or online to monitor progress of their jobs and access any required enquiries or reports.

The Management Information dashboard and reporting in summary:

  • Clear and easily understandable graphic presentation of key performance indicators – enabling informed decisions to be made at a glance.
  • User defined snapshots and analysis of data to view.
  • Accessible online via tablet or smartphone.
  • Flexible and easy to use report writer facility enabling customisable report design and production, in addition to many standard reports available throughout the system.
  • Online customer access.