Account Management System (CRM)

The Account Management System (AMS) within Workshop Beaver gives complete visibility of all account interactions and provides the platform which enables good relationship management with prospects, customers, suppliers, sub-contractors and other external agencies, and all parties engaged with Workshop Beaver from start to finish.

It is more than a CRM system – AMS manages and tracks all interactions and relationships with external organisations and ensures that all the knowledge and information you build through time is used to give you a complete picture of all your relationships with prospects, customers, suppliers and others alike.

Built into Workshop Beaver from the outset, AMS is completely integrated with all modules, ensuring that information and communication flows are captured at source and recorded against each account within AMS. The information can come from any of the Workshop Beaver modules and Financial Ledger systems, and is stored and accessible via the Management Information dashboard for analysis and also via online enquiries and reports. The data is also easily accessible and exportable to BI and analytical software, and accessible online if you are away from the office.

The functionality supported by AMS includes:

  • Full tracking and traceability of all account communications and interactions. AMS automatically date and time stamps each event for you.
  • Account Details – fixed information about each account, including address, phone numbers, and web site address.
  • Person database – details about each of the people you deal with including their name, address, direct and mobile telephone numbers, email addresses, job title, age and sex. If a person moves from one account to another you can transfer their details from account to account.
  • Notes – free format notes for storing general information about the account.
  • Datacards – a cardbox style database for storing information about the account in a more formal manner. You can define the layout of both the card and the data stored.
  • History – every time an event occurs between you and the account you record it on the account history. Multiple event types can be recorded, such as “Outgoing call” or “Incoming letter” and you can define these history types to fit the way you work. You can use free format text to describe the event in detail, and can also attach files to any history event.
  • Actions – all actions taken by someone within your organisation on an account are recorded against that account within AMS. Each action has a user definable action type and free format notes, and a range of dates during which they must be completed and can be marked as urgent if needed. You can also attach files to the action.
  • Flexible and innovative enquiry mechanisms including Soundex searching on account names, postcode validation to postal town level and County and Country codes. Popup windows enable ease of use for data entry and enquiry purposes.
  • Mailshot and Quote production capabilities.
  • All AMS data is available for full statistical and performance analysis, and viewing via the Management Information dashboard.