If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

2nd October 2013

Welcome to the new Business Analysis web site and the latest news from Workshop Beaver, which focusses on our Management Information dashboard, and its ability to give our users real time views of key performance indicators for their business. The dashboard enables our users to make full use of Workshop Beaver’s renowned capability for recording intricate details of all activities undertaken within the system.

By displaying up to the minute information of user selected areas within the system, critical data on performance is available to Management for analysis, enabling performance improvement measures to be put into place quickly and easily. By capturing all detailed data associated with the different daily processes, Workshop Beaver ensures that measurement of performance across the business is possible, and therefore improvement is possible. This is helped enormously by the speed of processing the required information and the flexibility of its selection and presentation to end users through the Management Information dashboard.

Information is displayed in a simple and clear fashion, is easy to understand and visually easy to process through the dashboard’s use of charts, fuel gauges, speedometers, graphs and tables. Informed decisions can be made quickly from the meaningful data provided by the dashboard.

The dashboard is accessible via the web and users can access the dashboard from a tablet or smartphone if they are away from the office.

latest news from Workshop Beaver

If you’d like to see the dashboard in action, please get in touch with us on 01794 325120 or mailto:info@business-analysis.co.uk